So you have installed IIS 7 on Vista, you go to configure your authentication and low and behold, by default, “Windows Authentication” is not in the list.

To resolve this, within vista, Open Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Turn windows features on or off -> Scroll down to IIS, expand all of the nodes to find the ‘Security’ node within there – and there it is, “Windows Authentication” is unchecked – as is “basic authentication”. Check the providers you want, then click OK.

Hope this helps some poor soul.

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  1. Alex says:

    This is one poor soul that helped 🙂 Thanks

  2. Wil says:

    What happens if isn’t in Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Turn windows features on or off -> IIS?

  3. Anton says:

    This is another soul saved by your comment, took me some time to find it. you should be shouting it from the roof tops. Many thanks

  4. Jinu says:

    Oh you saved lot of my time , thanks much

  5. windows vista home basic upgrade

    Nice points…

  6. blighty says:

    Thanks for that – saved me heaps of time. I can’t believe how locked down IIS 7.0 is.

  7. Chris Weldon says:

    Yea, this article also helped this poor soul. Thanks!

  8. alper says:

    thanks, i agree that this saved a lot of time for me

  9. Evan says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

  10. matt says:

    Whew, just upgraded at work from my old laptop and was having a heck of a time googleing up a solution. Thank you much sir.

  11. torsen says:

    Thanks for that!

  12. dave says:

    yes, this helped a lot. I was poking around in the incredible new maze of scattered Microsoft settings dialogs for hours looking for this.

  13. Paula says:

    I am using Vista Premium, not ultimate, and there is no Windows Authentication under Security, or any other place for that matter. Only Basic Authentication. I’m finding this to be common while desperately searching for help installing SSRS.

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  15. chris says:

    thanks man, unfortunately this poor soul burned too much time spinning wheels with lousy MS Help(less) docco which PRESUMES you have already done the steps you described. Turning into IBM…

  16. arshi says:

    I am using Vista Premium, not ultimate, and there is no Windows Authentication under Security, or any other place for that matter. Only Basic Authentication. I’m finding this to be common while desperately searching for help installing SSRS.

  17. Narendra says:

    I have been hrough various google entries and finally I have got the answer. Thank you

  18. Steve says:

    Im another it helped

  19. NewtoPPS says:

    Even am using Vista-Home Premium. If I understand correctly, “If Basic Authentication is checked does it mean that Windows Authentication is checked ” ? If so, I checked it long back..Still I get caution error while configuring Performance Point Server 2007 and on click of messages “it says, “Missing : Windows Authentication”
    Thanks for your help

  20. WX says:

    Thanks Matthew for the good tip.

    From this tip, I derived similar procedure for Windows 2008 Server:
    Open Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Turn windows features on or off -> You’re in the “Server Manager” window now –> Select “Web Server (IIS)” in the Roles Summary section –> In the Roles Services section, click “Add Roles Services” –> Check “Windows Authentication” in the Security section –> The rest is straight forward from here.

    Re-start your IIS mananger to see the newly added “Windows Authenticaion” option –> You can enable it now.


  21. jitendra vagh says:

    Thanks a lot for helping this poor soul, which wondered here and there for many days to find this basic authentication in IIS 7, and finally was rescued by this blessed post.

  22. Eli B says:

    OK… 2 hours of looking… installing, uninstalling, searching, reading the “help files” (HA!) – then I found you… and this “poor soul” is wondering WHY!!!!!!

  23. John says:

    Count me as another one helped. Thanks!

  24. SoAndSo says:

    Totally helped this poor soul – thank you

  25. James P says:

    Vista Premium do not have “Windows Authentication” in IIS – WWW Services” – security

    The product team is either

    1. Under pressure by some stupid product manager to remove it
    2. Forgot to put it in and do not want to release patches
    3. They want all the developer to buy professional and above so MS make more $

    Personally I think it’s 3. and I think it’s a dumb reason

  26. Vail says:

    Windows Authentication is not installed on vista prem. They have a very risky work around used only for debugging. At this point, they do not have an efficent way to install the Auth plug. Unfortunately, this will only frustrate some poor soul.


  27. Brent says:


    Thanks so much. Was going nuts over this one!!!

  28. Bk says:

    thanks a lot man …. it saved lot of my time

  29. Richard says:

    Great stuff, another soul saved.

    Thank god for google and blogs!

  30. msn says:

    It helped me. Thanks.

  31. Mark says:

    matthew and WX… you’re information got me to where I needed to find.

    But its a third location!
    I have Vista Ultimate 64 bit. Like you WX, I had to go to the “Turn windows features on and off” dialog. But the section was labeled
    Internet Information Services| World Wide Web Services
    then security

  32. NearlyLostHope says:

    Thank you, good Sir, I was tearing my hair out.

    Many thanks for the information.

  33. BrianK says:

    Thanks! This worked for me. The only problem now is that everytime I start debugging, it promps for my id and password, even if I check the “remember credentials” box.

  34. ijscoder says:

    Thanks, saved me probably hours to fnid this.
    if you do see programs and features btw, just changed the view by: wich is set to categorys by default

  35. dugbuzz says:

    Thank you! This was driving me nuts!

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  37. Wim says:

    This really helped me a lot ! thx


  38. meenakshi says:

    what should we do if windows authentication is not mentioned in the iis even after extending it in the control panel..please solve it out at the earliest..

  39. Russ says:

    How to configure Windows Authentication in IIS 6.0 on Windows Vista

    Just (hopefully) a string of text that may get googled and help someone else find this solution (because it works with IIS 6.0 too!)

    Many thanks to you for this post (why MS can’t publish the correct info, accessible from a specific search string, is beyond me – every link I followed had me searching for non-existent properties in IIS manager).

  40. Roland says:

    I installed Basic and Windows authentication and ever ASP application stopped working until in uninstlled Basic and Windows authentication.

    Any suggestions?????

  41. syam says:

    thanks for your valuable information

  42. simma says:

    one more poor soul just added to the list..

  43. Nnaemeka says:

    In my case, ‘client Certificate Mapping Authentication’, ‘Digest Authentication’, ‘IIS client Certificate Mapping Authentication’ and ‘Windows Authentication’ are not listed under ‘Security’ node. What should I do to have them. I run Windows 7 Home Premium.

  44. Joe says:

    This, with the help of WX’s comment saved me. Thanks guys!

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