So the story goes like this – I query our internal Readify brains trust on how to generate a team system web access URL, as the encoding seemed quite strange.

Minutes later, Grant Holliday posts back a reply, letting me know that he had queried the team.

Shortly after, he sends the response from the team back to me.


ItemData is the HtmlEncoded form of the query string, such as “id=10&cs=-1”

  • id: the item ID of the item in source control (you need to know this instead of the file path)
  • cs: changeset number (-1: latest)

For example, if the file id is 151611,

    HtmlEncode(“id=151611&cs=-1”) -> “id%3D151611%26cs%3D-1”

So the URL would then be


Not long after that, Buck Hodges posts a blog entry about it!

Man – I love working for this Company!

I also love being connected to so many smart, wonderful people such as Grant, and the rest of our guys.


About cosier

Matthew Cosier is the Chief Technology Officer at Hazaa. We are a group of experienced consultants based in Melbourne, Australia who solve business problems using Microsoft Technology. For more information, please visit

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